DIY Workout Recovery With The Foam Roller

There’s no mistaking the highs of bashing weights and other equipment, but this is often brought down by the punishing muscle knots and body pain that you can feel in the days after. My secret weapon against soreness is Fit Nation’s Trigger Point Foam Roller, which can really help to limit the pain that I feel after an intense workout.

What Is The Trigger Point Foam Roller?

Trigger Point is similar to an old-fashioned rubdown ointment; it can help to massage the body and increase blood flow, which can really help when it comes to reduced muscle stiffness and agonising burns by more than 40% within a very short period of time.

The Foam Roller is effective simply because it replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s trained thumbs, fingers and palms for a deep-penetrating and pain-relieving myofascial massage. The raised surface of the equipment massages the muscles, whilst the grooves promote the flow of oxygen and blood. They also help to attract important nutrients from elsewhere in the body that can help in the repair of tissue.

It quickly became an important part of my post-workout schedule, as the roller helped to break up fibrous tissue and boost blood circulation for less pain.

How Do I Use Trigger Point Foam Roller?

Using the roller is extremely easy and can almost immediately start to reduce the amount of pain that you experience from your exercise. I position the roller against the most painful muscles in my body, and use my body weight to apply enough pressure to massage the knots in my muscles. Within a matter of seconds, my stiff muscles start to loosen up, and the roller relieves both tension and soreness as well can provide instant, deep relief throughout my body. In particular, I find that it benefits pains in my back, legs, hips, chest and shoulders, as well as my stomach muscles.

The Trigger Point Foam Roller also comes with a free copy of The Ultimate Foam Rolling Guide, a really useful source of information which helps me to make the most out of my relief roller. It’s extremely easy to use, and it doesn’t rely on medical jargon; instead, it shows me how to perform each move with handy illustrations.

There’s also a bonus workout video with teaches the moves in the exercise guide, which I’ve extremely useful throughout my exercising regime. What makes it most amazing, however, is that all this can be had for only the fraction of a cost of a single session with a masseuse or physical therapist.

Do-It-Yourself Recovery, With A Roller From Fit Nation!

Whether I’m going all out in a gym, or I’m hunched in front of my computer in the office for hours, I always benefit immensely from incorporating the Trigger Point Foam Roller massage in my daily routine.

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