Foam Roller Performance Program

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This video-series will teach you all you need to know about foam rolling in under 60 minutes. So grab your new Fit Nation foam roller and let's jump right in!
Course outline (Click on one of the lessons below to view the video, or scroll down to see all the videos):






Lesson 1: What Is Foam Rolling And Why You Should Do It



Lesson 2: Types Of Foam Roller & How To Pick The Right One



Lesson 3: The 10 Do's And Don'ts Of Foam Rolling



Lesson 4: Foam Rolling Exercises Part 1 - Power Rolls



Lesson 5: Foam Rolling Exercises Part 2 - The 7 Agility Rolls



Lesson 6: Foam Rolling Exercises Part 3 - Stamina Rolls



Lesson 7: When To Foam Roll



Lesson 8 : Choosing The Right Foam Rolling Exercises For You



Lesson 9: Building Your Own Foam Roller Routine



Lesson 10: Daniel's Full Foam Roller Workout